Partial massage

Acting on a specific part of the body, it promotes oxygenation and decontracture. Suitable for face, back or legs, give an immediate improvement in mood and mental and physical balance.
(25+5 mi. ca.) € 45,00

Legs massage

Higly recommended to pregnant women, it is made with soft movements wich helps liquid draining and gives an alleviation effect.
(25+5 min. ca.) € 50,00

Draining massage

Following with gentle rhythmic movements the direction of the lymphatic vessels the tissues are freed from the liquid in excess and immediatly improves the microcirculation.
Especially recommended in cases od edema, water retention and cellulite
(50 min. ca.) € 80,00

Relaxing massage

The buildup of tension can be distribuited a little all over the body, with this technique you will feel pampered from head to toe! Blood circulation improves, the body will be more flexible and you will have feeling of vitality.
(50 min. ca.) € 75,00

Californian massage

With fluid, rhytmic and embracing movements this technique has a relaxing effect, while il tone muscles and evens the temperature of various body areas by encouraging the circulation of the lymphs.
(50 min. ca.) € 80,00

Anticellulite Massage

Acting in depth it works on the econnective tissue thanks to particular movements that stimulate the blood circulation and remove the stagnation of liquids, it restores a healthy cell metabolism.
(50 min. ca.) € 80,00

Relaving massage

It helps to ease tension and to resume contact with the body; ideal for allevating contractures, to give relief to the muscles and helping the body to recover from the strain of a frenetic lifestyle.
(50 min. ca.) € 80,00

Sport massage

Done with decontracturing movements, its focused stretching gives alleviation and elasticity. Recommended after sport activity.
(50 min. ca.) € 80,00


Massage in room
This is for you, to relax in total privacy.
(50 min. ca) €160,00

Massage on board, yacht and sailboats
(150 min. ca.) €230,00


X power treatment
Vibrational platform with which gives the body a definite vibration. This machine has various effects: it drains the lymph, improves the circulation, hinders cellulite and the formation of fat and strengthens muscles.
1 treatment € 12,00
7 treatments € 70,00