Face Treatments

Classical facial cleansing

A deep cleansing which creates frehness and relaxation customized for all skin types. Restores the light, tone and radiance of the skin.
(50 min. ca.) €85,00

Face massage

Rhytmic simulation massage that gives a very pleasant feeling
(25 min. ca.) €45,00

Masque Thalasso by Maria Galland

Ideal for those who desire a full immersion in the wellnes world: an energizing cure from the sea! Micro-algae stimulate metabolism and repair the skin for a toning result, the energetic and refreshing masque cleans deeply the skin for an extraordinary result: a relaxing fresh sensation, for a perfectly toned and velvety skin.
face (50 min. ca.) €95,00
face and eyes outline (75 min. ca.) €110,00

Masque Modellant Yeux by Maria Galland

Algae mask revitalizing and refreshing to the eyes outline: an ampoule of retinol is applied under the mask for an anti-wrinkle effect. Traces of stress and fatigue disappear and puffiness and dark circles are reduces significantly.
(30 min. ca.) €55,00

Therapie Cocon by Maria Galland

Each phase of the treatment is accompanied by a massage. Includes mask of foam which wraps the face like a cocoon. Antistress treatment which makes the skin soft and velvety.
(50 min. ca.) €95,00

Masque Modellant by Maria Galland

Thermo active deep acting mask. The classic treatment of Maria Galland who has beaten all records. Ever inch of the face is treated with special preparations in which the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, your face is gently reshaped with the result of a revitalized complexion like after a facelift.
face (50 min. ca.) €115,00
face and eyes outline (75 min. ca.) €135,00

Super Lifting by Maria Galland

Toning treatment: erases the signs of aging skin and makes it appear fresh and compact. thanks to the use of the Masque modellant by Maria Galland, the oval of the face mask, is refined through a self-heating and the treament is completed by a mask Thalasso which gives to the skin the minerals, vitamins and hydratation that keep it bringht. + Smart Light
(85 min. ca.) €149,00

Soin mille lumière by Maria Galland

Soin mille lumière is the champagne of the many Maria Galland treaments with its “topc” complex ( white truffle, 24 carats gold, peptides and cell activator). It gives an immediate anti-ageing effect. two masks, a massage and high quality products contribute significantly to the reduction of wrinkles, the regeneration and re-toning of the skin.
face (50 min. ca.) €130,00
face and eyes outline (75 min. ca.) €149,00

Smart Light

Each facial can be intensified thanks to the usage of the smart light which uses the most advanced applications which stimulates the fibroblasts present in the skin improving the production of collagen and elastin.
(10 min.ca.) € 20,00


Soin Homme by Maria Galland

The male facial Soin Homme Galland revitalizes the skin and gives it a male freshness. R.T.A. Artic of Homme Galland protects the skin against negative environmental influences, and gives it at the same time intense hydration while smoothing fine lines for an extra boost of vitality.
(50 min.ca.) € 90,00