Costa Smeralda

A holiday in Costa Smeralda is a dream for many, is synonymous with white beaches, celebrities and socialites, to ultra-luxury hotels and high-end boutiques.

Spending your vacation at the sea of San Teodoro, in our Hotel Resort & SPA Baia Caddinas, we offers you an excellent level but in a quieter place and still livable with tranquility but at the same time gives you the opportunity to visit the Emerald Coast and the most famous locations in Sardinia North-East.

Porto Cervo

Famous for its harbor where ships dock of famous people is actually a town with buildings typical of Gallura, which guarantee a perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.


Porto Rotondo

It ‘s the town’s most beloved characters of the jet set. Its distinctive feature is the elegant Piazza San Marco, famous for the sculpture indicates north, and the church of San Marco with its 200 wooden statues representing sacred images, ending with the amphitheater of granite.