Kinny baby club

In our Family Hotel Resort & Spa Baia Caddinas in Golfo Aranci you can live a wonderful adventure.
You’ll become little chefs and you’ll makeup yourselves for the final show and every night you’ll have a lot of fun with the baby dance!
The Kinny baby club is open from Sunday to Friday (Saturday closed) in a variable timetable depending to the period of stay.
Here below you can see an example of the weekly progrmame of the Kinny baby club…just to let you know how many things you’ll do during your Sardinian holiday.

Children’s playground

In the heart of our Hotel for families in Sardinia, immersed in the green of the garden there is a funny island, where we’ll take hand in hand the children, making them have fun and playing for hours.
It’s Kinny’s children playground! Right near the sea, with seesaw, slide, a lot of sand to play with, and make together castles and dreams!