Body Styling & Thalasso

Salty scrub massage

Done with oil and sea salt, is a very stimulating scrub-massage, makes the skin soft and velvety. It is the right preparation for another treatment, we suggest to conclude it with a wrap.
(25min. ca.) € 55,00

Peeling mousse massage

Helps microcirculation and gives a slimming effect. It feeds and protects the skin.
(25 min. ca.) €55,00

Thalasso compress of oceanic mud

Oceanic mus with high concentration of oligo elements and minerals that improve the metabolism. The result is a better shape of body outline and a sensation of deep well being.
(25 min. ca.) €50,00
(50min. ca.) €90,00

Peeling detox

Salt and mud based anticellulite massage, is recommended before another treatment.
(25min. ca.) € 60,00

Detox wrap

Made with seaweed, green tea and red blueberry based refreshing gel, removes toxins and gives relief.
(25min. ca.) € 50,00
(50min. ca.) €90,00

Masque Modellant body and breast

Excellent anti-cellulite treatment that includes 3xfoliation+massage+tensor treatment. Uses thermo-active force. Application of a mask of mineral elements and stimulating tonic that produces heat while drying and by dilating the pores it facilitates the absorption of the ingredients for a smooth and toned skin.
body (50+5 min. ca.) €99,00
breast (50 min. ca.) €70,00

Masque Corps Fermetè

Firming wrap rich of collagen and elastin, feeds and moisturized in association with a slimming/anticellulite treatment.
(50 min. ca) €90,00